I choose the path of the heart

To be conscious; to be fully engaged in the moment, this moment.  This is the cry from my heart.  To live from the heart, not refusing to acknowledge the head, acknowledging its help and necessity yet not allowing the head to rule. The lure of passivity, of numbness, of allowing the necessities of living to... Continue Reading →

Know thyself

I see in nature a reflection of who I am. As do you Perhaps all of life is but a reflection of our own heart Look therefore At what you see And know thy self. - Joss Burnel

Ancient Ways

We have carried the pain of generations in our bones throughout our life the very blood, the most minuscule of particles that makes us this particular woman, remembers all who went before us Too often we have pretended to be fine to please those around us to allow this world to think that everything is... Continue Reading →

Vincent and I

It was a cool 69° F this morning and I headed out in my hoodie with a scarf around my neck.  This being Cuenca, EC I sported my sun hat and sun glasses as well!  Canvas bag on my shoulder, thermos in hand I was on my way to my writing place.  Six mornings out... Continue Reading →

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