A Hunger for More

We have carried the pain of generations in our bones throughout our life the very blood, the most minuscule of particles that makes us this particular woman remembers all who went before us Too often we have pretended to be fine to please those around us to allow this world to think that everything is... Continue Reading →

H is for Beverley Hirst

One of the marvels of our time is, in my opinion, the world wide web.  Being of an imaginative nature, I picture it as the web of life. A place where we can find one another and where, my movement on the web, and yours, impacts life near and far. One of the delights, on... Continue Reading →

G is for Grace Bell

Life, just like a good story has threads that, if you follow them, will lead you from one discovery to another. In 2011, I participated in WordPress' Blog A Day challenge.  I connected with a woman who you will find out more about next week. Over the years, I not only grew to appreciate her... Continue Reading →

F is Friends in Foreign Places

April 16th is the anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Ecuador.  In Friends in Foreign Places: An Expat Anthology, thirty-five writers, most living as expatriates all over the world, share forty-five stories about expat friendships and being friends with expats in their own countries.  Read how we found friends in the most unlikely ways: buried... Continue Reading →

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