X is for xiphisternum

To all my writer friends, you're welcome.  The next injury someone in one of your novels might incur could be to their xiphisternum! What is that, you ask? Well, I was going to make you look it up. But you have more important things to do. It is the lowermost segment of the sternum. Now, GET... Continue Reading →

I am a writer!

I am a writer. When taxi drivers, here in Cuenca, ask me: “Estás jubilado?” (isn’t that a marvelous word for retired?), I respond: “soy un escritor.” I am a writer. I have been writing since I left home at 14. Before that, I had no privacy and no awareness, really, of how vital it was... Continue Reading →

F is Friends in Foreign Places

April 16th is the anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Ecuador.  In Friends in Foreign Places: An Expat Anthology, thirty-five writers, most living as expatriates all over the world, share forty-five stories about expat friendships and being friends with expats in their own countries.  Read how we found friends in the most unlikely ways: buried... Continue Reading →

First things

The first things a writer unpacks when settling into any location, for a few days, a week, or more. That image on laptop screen?  That's the first draft of the book cover of my upcoming novel.   By the way, I have fourteen open spots for April's a to z challenge where I'll be featuring a... Continue Reading →

Wow! Writers!

Writing begets writing so why not join the #atozchallenge says I? Beginning April 1st, for 26 days throughout the month, I will be featuring a current writer on right here. Are you a writer? Does your first or last name begin with a letter of the alphabet? To qualify for a spot, you need to... Continue Reading →

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