H is for Beverley Hirst

One of the marvels of our time is, in my opinion, the world wide web.  Being of an imaginative nature, I picture it as the web of life. A place where we can find one another and where, my movement on the web, and yours, impacts life near and far. One of the delights, on... Continue Reading →

G is for Grace Bell

Life, just like a good story has threads that, if you follow them, will lead you from one discovery to another. In 2011, I participated in WordPress' Blog A Day challenge.  I connected with a woman who you will find out more about next week. Over the years, I not only grew to appreciate her... Continue Reading →

D is for D. B. McNicol

I met Donna through her blog. She was not someone whose blog I had followed for years, like my friend Judith who you'll meet later this month.  Donna was a "random" find.  I was visiting Cuenca, Ecuador and looking around online, as I often do when seeking information.  I came across Donna's blog .  Donna,... Continue Reading →

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