Yesterday I took it off the shelf in my bedroom from its place of honour. I sat on the floor holding it tenderly in my hands remembering the time I sat outside the city gates dirty and broken while you passed by gathering your skirts so nothing of you would come in contact with who... Continue Reading →

Sand Art

When my eyes and brain get tired of words on the screen or page, I turn to some other expression of creativity. Often photography. I love the beach. There is beauty everywhere you look, and often little spots of magic like this. To go out with the setting sun on an empty beach is to... Continue Reading →

Andrew Greeley

Some writers come into your world and change, not only how you see things, but how you see yourself.  Fr. Greeley was such a writer for me.  He brought me joy and tears and an ability to be irreverent, to believe and think in ways outside the confines of organized religion.  I will forever be... Continue Reading →

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