U is for unabashed…

...as in the unabashed promotion of authors which I love to do. We are a great bunch of people. Smart, creative, imaginative, and we love words. Today I am, once again promoting friends. Author friends, because you know I do have friends who aren't writers! see that bunch up there? An amazing bunch I belong... Continue Reading →

T is for Bill Travis

Have you heard of Bill Travis? He is the creation of George Wier. That's a picture of George, not Bill. How do I know that? Well, not only was George the keynote speaker at the 2017 Cuenca International Writers Conference, but I had a chance to sit down with him and my friend Scarlett for... Continue Reading →

L is for L.T. Marshall

Note: I'm a great believer in doing things in a way that makes sense to me. I've blogged for many years. I post on my blog in the evening. Well, except for this month of April when the push has been on to get the post done and announce the link in various places each... Continue Reading →

D is for D. B. McNicol

I met Donna through her blog. She was not someone whose blog I had followed for years, like my friend Judith who you'll meet later this month.  Donna was a "random" find.  I was visiting Cuenca, Ecuador and looking around online, as I often do when seeking information.  I came across Donna's blog .  Donna,... Continue Reading →

B is for Scarlett Braden

    If you've wandered my blog, and checked out the "Books" page, you'll have noted Scarlett's name on the cover of Friends in Foreign Places. That book, right there, is a huge accomplishment and will give you some idea of Scarlett's heart. Ecuador was hit by an earthquake that caused a lot of destruction... Continue Reading →

A is for Paul Anlee

I'm imagining myself at a Writer's Conference, somewhere in the future:  "Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure and honour to introduce to you the inimitable Paul Anlee."  It is my pleasure and honour, today, to kick off the A to Z Challenge with this author. I had already pre-odered his upcoming new release The... Continue Reading →

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