Sand Art

When my eyes and brain get tired of words on the screen or page, I turn to some other expression of creativity. Often photography. I love the beach. There is beauty everywhere you look, and often little spots of magic like this. To go out with the setting sun on an empty beach is to... Continue Reading →

L is for laudable

I am a huge fan of WordPress for their ease of creating a new blog, having it look the way you like and also for how easy and quick it is for readers to comment. You would think doing the A to Z Challenge would be difficult.  How to find 26 writers to feature?  The... Continue Reading →

I’m a Dreamer

I grew up in Montreal.  In 1971 and 72, I used to sit on the floor of French Lab, after school, lights off, with Imagine playing full blast. 16, alone in the world, having walked out of a nightmare childhood two years earlier. Still, I believed we humans could reach out, somehow and build a... Continue Reading →

Vincent and I

It was a cool 69° F this morning and I headed out in my hoodie with a scarf around my neck.  This being Cuenca, EC I sported my sun hat and sun glasses as well!  Canvas bag on my shoulder, thermos in hand I was on my way to my writing place.  Six mornings out... Continue Reading →

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