Thomas Berry

" The Earth with its layers of land and water and air provides the space within which all living things are nurtured and the context within which humans attain their identity. If in the excitement of a secular technology reverence for the Earth has diminished in the past, especially in the western world, humans now... Continue Reading →

Life is more

The knowing that life is more is what we each long for. But what more is there?  There is joy in seeing a butterfly flit from flower to flower, in the smile of a child, the laughter of an elder, the howl of the wolf – all these touch our soul somehow and remind us... Continue Reading →


Gracias por mi vida Gracias por mi corazon I thank you for the mountains Rising strong and free Guardians of our life here In the valley where we thrive I thank you for waters that flow through Carrying away all anger and bitterness Bathing us in clarity of heart and mind For all that blooms... Continue Reading →

early morning quiet

In the quietness of early morning, as the world pauses between dark and light, when even the birds are silent and the bullfrogs have quieted their gossip, I walk the hills and marvel at the rising sun. The early light rims the clouds with pink and a dusty rose spreads out above the trees The... Continue Reading →

The un-mothered

When I was eight, nine years old ( probably other years, too, but this is the period I remember this from), my mother would send me to the store to pick up a case of beer. She never found out a case was 10 cents less than the change I brought back. I would drag... Continue Reading →

Z is for Zoe Sharp

A blogger friend introduced me to Zoe Sharp five years ago. I went on to read her Charlie Fox series and thoroughly enjoyed them. Charlie is an interesting character in a high energy series of books. A couple of month's ago, same friend - thank you Judith - introduced me to a new character by... Continue Reading →

Y is for Yikes!

Yikes! I'm leaving on a trip to North America in FIVE days. (I keep telling people I'm pretty much directly south of Toronto. See?  I may be directionally challenged but I am right about this!  That felt good, because, ya know.....directionally challenged) YIKES, I'm leaving on a trip to North America in FIVE days.  I'm... Continue Reading →

X is for xiphisternum

To all my writer friends, you're welcome.  The next injury someone in one of your novels might incur could be to their xiphisternum! What is that, you ask? Well, I was going to make you look it up. But you have more important things to do. It is the lowermost segment of the sternum. Now, GET... Continue Reading →

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