Depth of a Woman

Depth of a Woman An interesting title for a blog, don’t you think?  It’s taken me a while to settle on it.  I chose it for two reasons.  You might think first and foremost, because I have a series of upcoming novels with that as their theme. But, that’s actually the second, less important reason.... Continue Reading →

Igniting the Womb Fire

I was born eighteen days past my due date which makes me wonder if I knew what awaited me when I left the womb so stayed in there as long as I could! When you grow up in an abusive home, you quickly learn you can’t trust your own senses. What you see and hear... Continue Reading →


  If feelings were colours what would they be? Would anger look like a blood-red rose or deep dark purple like a nasty bruise? Would sorrow be a midnight blue with swathes of black running through? Would empathy be lavender soft and warm? Would compassion be pink like cotton candy or would it look more... Continue Reading →

Moment by Moment

Moment by moment I encounter you in the sound of the whippoorwill in the deep dark cave of despair You are there. There is no place I can go no moment I can sink into that does not contain You The beggar on the street the bride scenting her body as a gift the actor... Continue Reading →

Mystery Solved

For months, any review I've posted on Amazon has not appeared in spite of Amazon sending me that lovely "pre-recorded" email thanking me for taking the time to post a review. Of course I clicked on the "see your full review"only to be told that the page is missing and, in spite of checking for... Continue Reading →

Words, Words, Words

Words,words,words, I love words the sound of them the feel of them the taste of words. Indubitably, now isn't that an awesome word say it slowly in-du-bi-ta-bly let it roll around your mouth like a tart red jellybean. Abscond, what a great word there was a time when I felt like someone had absconded with... Continue Reading →

Short short story 2

“Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.” As Julie slammed her apartment door behind her, she was stunned that those words had flown out of her mouth.  Then she laughed.  It was about time she started to respond to the crap that was being dished out with some good old anger. For three... Continue Reading →

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