V for Voices

Well, I really dropped the ball on the a to z challenge. Maybe next month, I'll pick up all the letters I didn't get done this month. Maybe. Voices. I hear them all the time. My characters speak to me, they tell me their story and I am the scribe. In Mary Lynne's Dream, she... Continue Reading →

D for Dreams

Mary Lynne had a dream: a dream of finding herself, of reclaiming her life, her self. And yes, dreams do come true. She dreamed and found more than she even imagined she could. A new self...or was it her old self? New friends, a new love, a new way of being, of walking her journey.... Continue Reading →

C for Cougar

Do animals, or animal spirits show up in your world?  They do in Marie's: There are cougars in the mountains. I’d heard that. Was I about to become someone’s dinner? Well that would teach me, wouldn’t it? I strained my eyes and patted the ground around me feeling for a rock. Maybe I could throw... Continue Reading →

B for “buries”

It's a red letter day as Mary Lynne's Dream goes live and is available for purchase here. Prologue   Mary Lynne, they called her long before she lost her way. Some nights, when all is dark and deep, she hears her name carried on the wind: “Mary Lynne, Mary Lynne”. She buries her head under... Continue Reading →

A for Appalachians

A to Z challenge 2018 A sneak peek into The Before….is it a place or a time….is it all just a dream? ~excerpt from Marie’s Pledge: “Why have I never done this before? All my years of hiking and I’ve never explored the mountains closest to home.  Maybe it’s true we don’t get to know... Continue Reading →

Write What You KNow

They say “write what you know”.  And I am. There is so much more to this world, to existence than the daily things of earning a living, raising children, enjoying family and friendships. More than heartache, than the pain of our beginnings or endings. There is magic. There are women of magic; women who do... Continue Reading →

The Heroine’s Journey of Scarlett Braden

One of my favourite people, right here. She enchants, sometimes distracts this introvert with her enthusiasm and unbound energy. and always delights with her strength, her humour, and her grace. Pour yourself a cup of tea or glass of wine and take time for a visit with Scarlett Braden.

The Heroine's Journey

What is the best thing that I love about my work? I’m a writer and I love writing, there is something amazing about finishing a novel. But what I love most is helping other writers and especially aspiring writers to realize their dreams. Each and every book I help someone publish feels like a grandchild of sorts.

What is my idea of perfect happiness? There was a time in my life that I described myself as content, and I thought that was special and to be desired. Now I believe, that content is only one step above a living hell. Happiness for me comes from being challenged. Whether it’s in my work to do better than I’ve done before, or challenging my belief system, or experiencing places or activities outside my comfort zone.

What is my greatest fear? Tarantulas. More specifically, discovering a tarantula in my home, by surprise. And…

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