D for Dreams

Mary Lynne had a dream: a dream of finding herself, of reclaiming her life, her self. And yes, dreams do come true. She dreamed and found more than she even imagined she could. A new self...or was it her old self? New friends, a new love, a new way of being, of walking her journey.... Continue Reading →

B for “buries”

It's a red letter day as Mary Lynne's Dream goes live and is available for purchase here. Prologue   Mary Lynne, they called her long before she lost her way. Some nights, when all is dark and deep, she hears her name carried on the wind: “Mary Lynne, Mary Lynne”. She buries her head under... Continue Reading →

I Weep

There are times  when I cannot remain silent.   I don't own a TV, I don't watch the news but I do keep abreast of things that are happening on the world stage. Last night, as I was relaxing before bed, this: US votes against UN resolution condemning gay sex death penalty, joining Iraq and... Continue Reading →

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