I am a writer.  I wrote my first poem when I was 14 and its stark beauty still moves me.  I am a published author of non-fiction and poetry. And now, in my early 60s,  I am writing novels. That’s something I dreamed of, over the years, but never truly believed enough in myself to do.

It’s work, it’s fun and I’m loving it.  Mountain Visions / Book One of Depth of a Woman will be out later this year.

My world has always been one of words: their meaning, their sound, their weight.  Words are the most crucial element of my life.  I believe them. Words are life and truth.  I dislike lies.  If you don’t mean it, if it’s not truly what you think or feel, why would you speak or write it?  My words carry my truth, my very essence, out into the world.  They show me who I am, what I believe and what I know to be true.  If you would know me, pay attention to my words.  It’s how I know myself.  It’s how I discover you.


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  1. I completely concur with your feelings about words and the power they hold. I know others who prefer pictures or even numbers. For me words are the key to life, living, and eternity.


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