G for Going

Excerpt from Mary Lynne’s Dream:

“Are you sure about this?  What’s going on?  I talked to you last week and everything was fine. This sounds crazy to me.”

The Before book two

Ever have one of those moments when you know exactly what you need to do and the people in your life tell you you’re “crazy”?

Mary Lynne’s daughter is really not sure about this crazy idea her mother has of going away for four weeks, to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, the cabin doesn’t even have an indoor toilet.  Wouldn’t a five star resort work just as well?

But Mary Lynne knows this is exactly what she needs to do.  So she packs up her car, and sets off. Things, of course, don’t unfold the way she thought they would. And that, my friends, is what makes life an adventure. Do that thing you know you need to do. Doesn’t matter if it makes sense to no one but you!


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