B for “buries”

It’s a red letter day as Mary Lynne’s Dream goes live and is available for purchase here.



Mary Lynne, they called her long before she lost her way. Some nights, when all is dark and deep, she hears her name carried on the wind: “Mary Lynne, Mary Lynne”. She buries her head under the pillow and hides from the call.  She has not wanted to answer or be found. The woman she is has been lost in the shadows of her life.

The Before book two

Like Mary Lynne, I too have heard my name called in the night. Sometimes waking me from a sound sleep. And, over the years, I’ve learned to respond, “I’m here, I’m listening.”  Is it our soul calling us to pay attention, an angel calling, or maybe sisters from The Before reaching out to us?

It can be so easy to allow life to distract us from our calling – calling us to be our best self, our very own true self.  This is Mary Lynne’s journey, heeding the call.



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  1. I’ve heard my name called, too! It is such an audible dream – if it is a dream – I’m sure a tape recorder could pick it up! The first time it happened, I got right up to wander the house, to see who had called my name. I hope, always, for further instructions or more information…but it’s always just my name. Like you, I send out the message that I am listening, and receptive, but so far, that’s it.


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