Always Writing

I’ve been away but one thing you know, I am always writing.

November was NaNoWriMo and, since the first of November, I’ve completed a novel, done its edits and sent it of to my wonderful Beta Readers. Of course, once it returns, there will be editing and possibly even rewrites to do. That’s how it works.

In the midst of that, I’ve released two collaborative works. (clicking on the titles will take you to point of purchase)

Three Sisters / Mystic, Priestess, Wild Woman

It’s late evening, and three women, each a published poet, are gathered in a room. The conversation revolves around writing and the joy it brings to them.

“What would happen if we wrote together?  What magic could three poets create?” And so was birthed this beautiful book.

We each began with seven poems from one another, wrote seven in response and passed those seven on to the third person.  I hope you’ll agree it was a great idea.

And here we are:


“Join me”

Joss gorgeous edit

And twelve wonderful women did so. Together, we created the second volume of Seven Degrees of Wisdom / Digging Deeper.

We dug deep, shared from our heart, bared ourselves to one another and now, to you.
Digging Deeper is a wonderful compilation of women’s wisdom. From heartache, to rejuvenation; from learning tough lessons to appreciating the small moments, these women share, counsel and agree together, that life is not for the faint of heart. Grab a copy, pour yourself a coffee, a tea, or glass of wine and dive in.

In Digging Deeper, thirteen women share their thoughts and experiences on their understanding of God, on happiness and gratitude, on death and dying, on grounding ourselves and what that means to us, and on failure and victimhood.

7 degrees volume 2

So yes, I am  always writing. What have you been doing the past couple of months?

9 thoughts on “Always Writing

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  1. Unfortunately, writing has been replaced with staying healthy and celebrating my hubby’s improved health. I have been golfing 2-4 times a week! We will be returning to our RV traveling lifestyle this January through March. Maybe I will get back to writing through my dormant blog.

    If you need anotherther beta reader or an editor, drop me a note. I have been editing for others this past year.

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