On Death and Dying

I love riding the bus. I can sit back, relax, and watch the beautiful scenery of The Andes between Cuenca and Guayaquil.  In September, I rode the bus all the way to the coast to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  Journal in hand, the wheels of the bus quieting any other sounds, I wrote this poem. Originally, I thought it would be included in volume two of Seven Degrees of Wisdom but that turned out not to be.  Something else called to be written for the book which is why I can share this with you today.  The book will be out in December so you’ll have to wait to find out what I wrote!

apple blossoms


Life is all of
death and dying

Fruit falls ripe
from the
to smash on
the ground
split open
all that
leaking out
A feast for
the ants
and grubs.

Death comes
even before birth
the egg in
the nest
for a moment
fertilized embryo
life unrealized
once again.

Children die
before parents
mothers abandon
the very

Whether siblings
friendseach having
their own
interests and
one goes in one
the other moves
to the penthouse
mistress of all
she surveys of life
and movement
of pause and

The frost on
the mountaintop
the chemical
spray on corn
the harsh word
of criticism
freezing out
what is of
growth and

Death surrounds us
absorbing light
offering less
along with
the possibility
of expansion
deep within
the soil of

~Joss Burnel

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  1. Birth is the beginning while death as they say is the end & in between we witness a beautiful dream called life, but the walls that divide birth and death are so enigmatic that one may never know where one ends & where the other starts. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post!

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