Be The Cat!

“Curiosity killed the cat”, they taught us when we were children.  And we, being innocent, took this as a warning that being curious is not a good thing and ultimately leads to your death.  We learned to not ask questions and to not poke our nose in where it didn’t belong.  And truly, teaching us THAT was bad enough. But what if the lesson was really “don’t be like the cat”?

What would you be like if you were The Cat?

You would give your complete attention to what you are doing at this moment.  No letting your thoughts or your eyes wander the room looking for the next attraction.  Focus would be your first and middle name and you would be present at every moment of your life.

If you are The Cat, you purr when someone you love is nearby.  Not just once in a while, but every time they are near – you purr and purr and let people you love know it again and again.

If you are the Cat, you put your mark on the things that matter to you. You never act as though something isn’t yours or isn’t important to you.  You mark your territory. You announce “this is mine and don’t you forget it”.

If you are The Cat, you never lose your excitement for a new toy.  The simplest of things brings you joy, even a small ball of tin foil is worth running through the house chasing and makes you smile and laugh.

If you are The Cat, you know who you are. No wondering if the dog looks better than you or if the hamster is someone’s favourite. You know that you rule!

If you are The Cat, you have expectations and you’re not shy about letting it be known that you expect them to be met without argument or delay.

If you are The Cat, you know that self-care is number one.  You never neglect your own needs for those of others.  You groom and groom and forget anything else even exists.  You matter to yourself.

If you are The Cat, you go after what you want and don’t care what anyone thinks or says.  Let them laugh!  Having trouble catching birds? Hell, sit in the damn bird feeder.  That’ll show ‘em.


If you are The Cat, you never pretend – you just are.  Is someone invading your space?  You don’t pretend to not notice. You hiss and spit before they even get a chance to push you away.  You know you are important and you don’t look around or wait around for someone to tell you so.

If you are The Cat, you eat when you’re hungry, you sleep when you’re tired, you purr when you’re happy and you never ever pretend to be other than who you are.

Don’t be curious?  Hell, they weren’t worried about curiosity; they were worried you’d be The Cat.

Be The Cat, damn it, BE THE CAT!



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