Strand of Life

Each life
a delicate
strand of energy
connected by
birth to those
who attach
themselves by
love and tenderness
and sometimes by
rejection and scorn

As the strand
grows and reaches
out into the
world it forms
its own connections
and sometimes cuts
off the original

Swinging free
for a moment in
time we find
our own anchor

Through grace
and growth we
spread out and
cross our
strand with
those of others
and interweave
our energy.

As we
move and breathe
and dance
we create a web
of intricacy and
strength upon
which the dew drops
of joy and grief
shimmer for
a moment
in time.

Together, connected
we are strong
and versatile
one strand holding
the other
while sunlight
and shadow moves
across the web
we reflect and absorb
light and dark
joy and sorrow
laughter and tears

One delicate
strand of
energy bound to
others becomes
an indivisible
shield of power
and light.

~Joss Burnel / May 2012

8 thoughts on “Strand of Life

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  1. I love that image of individual delicate strands of energy finding each other and melding together into a bright and powerful whole. Often it takes great courage to risk putting out those strands, without knowing what you will encounter — a leap of faith, even.

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