If feelings were colours
what would they be?

Would anger look like
a blood-red rose or
deep dark purple like a nasty bruise?

Would sorrow be a
midnight blue with
swathes of black running through?

Would empathy be lavender
soft and warm?

Would compassion be pink
like cotton candy or would
it look more like the blue of
a clear, cloudless sky?

Would sadness be grey like
a rainy day?

Would love be yellow
like the sun shining bright?

Would hatred be a colour at all
or would it just swallow up
all colours within the universe?

Would anxiety stay still
long enough to see what hue
it contains?

I think that joy
would be
a smile!

~Joss Burnel

6 thoughts on “Feelings

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  1. Joss, I appreciate the imagination and questions in this lovely little poem. Perhaps hatred would wake us up to who we are not, and bring us to the question of who are we, really? Thanks for the realization.


      1. Hi Joss, is you had not re-followed me again I would not have known. I think when you change the blog domain name, the Url alters, I thought you had closed your site.. So good to be in touch again Joss.
        Love and Hugs xxx

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