Mystery Solved

For months, any review I’ve posted on Amazon has not appeared in spite of Amazon sending me that lovely “pre-recorded” email thanking me for taking the time to post a review.

screen shot customer review-1

Of course I clicked on the “see your full review”only to be told that the page is missing and, in spite of checking for a day or two, still no review. This has happened time and time again the past six months.  So, I popped over to their submission guidelines which said that you can’t post reviews if you haven’t spent $50 shopping.

Well, okay. I don’t buy books on for one very simple reason. I live in Ecuador where the cost of having books shipped is prohibitive. I buy all my books as eBooks and can only do that on the site.  Which is fine.

My grandmother said,You look prettier without make up.And then she said,You need brighter lipstick.1

This morning I went to post my review on the .ca site and to my horror, this is what popped up:

from amazon-1

In case you can’t read that small print,it says:  “Sorry, we are unable to accept your review of this product for either one or both of the following reasons: your review of this product did not comply with our Customer Review Guidelines. Amazon does not permit reviews from  customers whose relationship to the product may be perceived as biased.”

Well shit!  Okay, in theory I understand this.  It’s possible that an author might have 500 close personal friends and family who all buy their book, read it and go post a review on Amazon. So, yes this could be considered biased.

The reality is that many – dare I say most – author’s close friends and family DON”T buy and read their books.  Why that is, is a mystery I have not yet solved, unlike today’s mystery.

So, all y’all who are connected to an author on social media – because how else does Amazon know that Scarlett Braden and I are “friends”, are considered ineligible to post a review.

I will not be thwarted!  From now on, every book I read written by a friend, whether close or simply because I am a fan of theirs on social media, will be posted here on the blog.

I am the aberrationThat gray haired young girlDoing cartwheels on the hillsideNext to the river,With the stunning hat.

Seriously, Amazon, I get it but… DO NOT!  I can read a book written by someone I know and be aware enough of good writing and good content to leave an unbiased, fair review of their book. I’m just that kind of intelligent and capable.

Scarlett’s book Psst! Your Wisdom Is Showing is a delight to read.  So much so, and this I know because I AM a close personal friend, that people are buying it, reading it and then going back and buying multiple copies to give to friends.

Scarlett’s is a fresh new voice in Poetry and trust me, when I say with no bias whatsoever, you will enjoy her way with words.  If you are, or know, a woman over 40, even one who says “she hates poetry”, get a copy of this book.


here’s the link to amazon



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  1. Joss, you are quite right that for some reason Amazon has decided that authors cannot possibly be intelligent readers who wish to write an honest review for an excellent book that, oh by the way, is written by a friend. It is a source of great annoyance, anger and frustration to many of us. I simply persist and sometimes the reviews squeak through. At the moment there does not appear to be a logical solution.

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  2. I try to read everything my author acquaintances write. ALMOST ALWAYS I write a positive review if U liked the book. Only a few books have not earned my feedback so I save that for personal encounters. Yes, I am biased.

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