Words, Words, Words

I love words
the sound of them
the feel of them
the taste of words.

Indubitably, now isn’t that
an awesome word
say it slowly
let it roll around your mouth
like a tart red jellybean.

Abscond, what a great word
there was a time when I
felt like someone had
absconded with my life
but I stole it back from them.

Flabbergasted always
makes me think of a
seagull just missing her
grab at the french-fry on
the sidewalk.

There are words that
others use like
chérie, or hin,
or gobsmacked – now
there’s a great word
don’t you agree?

When all else fails
wow ’em with
can  you spell it?
“i. t.”

~ Joss Burnel

9 thoughts on “Words, Words, Words

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  1. Fun words. As a Journalist (versus a writer of non-fiction) I have always encouraged writers to read their words outloud. If you stumble reading your own words, think of your readers. Was it the punctuation or did the actual words get caught coming out wrong.

    Thanks for YOUR WORDS
    — Judy

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