Gracias por mi vida
Gracias por mi corazon
I thank you for the mountains
Rising strong and free
Guardians of our life here
In the valley where we thrive
I thank you for waters that flow through
Carrying away all anger and bitterness
Bathing us in clarity of heart and mind

For all that blooms may I be thankful
May I be diligent to pull up and remove whatever impedes the way of beauty and grace
I am but visitor here, in this time and place
May my life be a gift to others upon the path
May my very breath be of peace, of compassion
May I honour, from a place of beauty, all those within my life circle
And may I know it was good that I was here
Humbly I ask to be a blessing
Humbly I receive from your hand
All that speaks to me of wisdom and love
I am making my way home to God
In all Her forms
May I be received with joy

June 6, 2016
Joss Burnel



paute mountains
Mountains around Paute, EC


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