early morning quiet

In the quietness of early morning,
as the world pauses between dark and light,
when even the birds are silent
and the bullfrogs have quieted their gossip,
I walk the hills and marvel at the rising sun.

The early light rims the clouds with pink
and a dusty rose spreads out above the trees
The woods are silent and filled with shadow
soft and grey as morning mist rises from the ground.
It is a time smothered with gentleness and grace.

As if Mother Nature, gently shaking off
the night has yet to truly open her eyes
and stretch out loving arms to hold her creation
in a warm embrace.
As if she pauses, first, to breathe out a blessing.

My footsteps are slow and quiet as I walk
not wanting to wake the deer up or stir
the pheasants from their nest.
I breathe in the early morning air, knowing
that, in an instant, the quiet will be replaced with bird song.

For now, in the early morning pause
I allow this in between time to baptize me
breathing in, breathing out, being.
One of life’s gifts to me is the beauty
that comes with silence.

~Joss Burnel / She Who Walks in Beauty


sunrise 001

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