Y is for Yikes!

Yikes! I’m leaving on a trip to North America in FIVE days.

cuenca to toronto

(I keep telling people I’m pretty much directly south of Toronto. See?  I may be directionally challenged but I am right about this!  That felt good, because, ya know…..directionally challenged)

YIKES, I’m leaving on a trip to North America in FIVE days.  I’m sorry, did I already say that?  Okay. well, how’s this:

Since Thursday, when my writing circle completed the last piece of writing for a project we are working on,

book cover seven degrees

I have proof-read just a little over 34,000 words! There may have been lots of coffee and some wine consumed…

coffee wine

…while then compiling the writings of seven people, each into their own document so that they can proofread and edit their own SEVEN pieces now.  Isn’t it funny how life goes on, whether you have a major project or not?

Yikes, did we schedule a photo shoot with two partners for a brand we are developing, for this week?  Because, why work on one project at a time, when you can do more than that?  Then there was lunch with writers who I want to participate in a project this Fall….food and conversation, the joy of sharing our stories, in person.  Who would want to miss out on that?

I had minutes to type and get sent out, a calendar to update and…..Yikes, I’m behind on the A to Z Challenge. And that’s okay. I’ll get it done. You can look forward to hearing about a favourite author, right here, tomorrow.


I found time to go for a mani/pedi this afternoon and then, because I felt rushed, managed to slice off a piece of my nail later – better than a piece of finger – at least there was no blood involved. Just a big sigh and a reminder to slow down a bit.


Slow down and enjoy the chocolates left by my querida amiga whose daughter is fundraising, for her school


There might have been three of those!  Who said you can’t eat dessert first?


Yes, suppers got made. It might have been an omelette that turned into scrambled eggs or mash – never let a writer approach her computer while supper is cooking. Yikes.

Proofreading got done, a time out at monthly ceremony happened, cribbage games were lost!


Yikes! I’m leaving in five days.  I have a suitcase to pack, emails to send out regarding that proofreading, an address to send to a neighbour so he can mail something crucial, involving goat cheese, there for me to bring back here!  I need to find a room to stay in Montreal for a couple of nights, flight details to send to my daughter, a Skype call with overseas friends to schedule, and writing to do. Did I mention I write, every morning, for four hours?

Yikes! Life!  I love it.



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  1. So many fun projects, so little time! Except we can always make time. Life with exciting projects is rich and full! And here’s to a fascinating, enriching journey!


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