U is for unabashed…

image…as in the unabashed promotion of authors which I love to do. We are a great bunch of people. Smart, creative, imaginative, and we love words. Today I am, once again promoting friends. Author friends, because you know I do have friends who aren’t writers!

see that bunch up there? An amazing bunch I belong to, and this is what my friend Scarlett says about us:



And, my friend Scarlett? If you missed my post about her, as the B of this A to Z challenge, check her out here.

So what’s the deal? We’re giving you a chance, the bunch of us, to win a $120 gift card from Amazon! Seriously! I’m thinking I would love a chance to win this. I could have a lot of fun spending that money.

Twelve authors  have banded together for this. All you have to do, to be entered to win, is to sign up for ONE of our newsletters…in other words become a part of our email list …if you sign up for three, you have three chances to win that gift card. And so on. We’ve got most every genre covered. There is Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Poetry, Romance, Mystery, Suspence, Travel and Women’s Fiction. One of us is bound to catch your interest. None of us are going to bombard  you with emails. I promise you that. But we will let you know when a new book of ours has just been published or, you know, if we solve the secret of the universe.

click here, make your pick. Just like that you could win a $120 Amazon Gift Card.  Did I mention that’s $120 to spend on Amazon. I wish I ….




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