T is for Bill Travis

Have you heard of Bill Travis? He is the creation of George Wier.

George Wier photo

That’s a picture of George, not Bill. How do I know that? Well, not only was George the keynote speaker at the 2017 Cuenca International Writers Conference, but I had a chance to sit down with him and my friend Scarlett for a few hours and just talk. Three people, three writers at different places in their careers, being friends together. And here’s my proof:

George Scarlett Joss

The world’s worst picture, but hey, there I am with George Wier!  And he is a really cool guy.  Even more cool that you imagine when you read his books. Way more.

So, of course now that you know I’m a huge fan,  you might dismiss anything I tell you about his books.  Hah.  I got that covered!  I asked Barbara Snow, another fiction writer,  to tell you and here’s what she says:

“I’m in love with George Wier’s Bill Travis series. They are set in parts of Texas I know well and the characters are so likeable and human. George’s writing is alive and organic and his stories take twists and turns you’d never expect. Though he writes of some bad and twisted people and extreme violence, I never feel down reading his work. There’s such resilience and caring among those who resist. They have become dear friends and I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

So, there you have it.  Go look for him on Amazon or visit his website for more George and Bill.

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