R is for J.D. Robb

I don’t know when, exactly, I started reading J.D. Robb’s “In Death” series but I do know I’ve read them all 4-5 times. She began writing them in 1995, back when no one knew, she was really Nora Roberts!

naked in death robb

These are – and there are 41 now, which doesn’t include a few short stories –  futuristic science fiction books with a good story line, strong characters, and a good variety of those, and are a great weekend read. They are set in the future and the main character is married to a billionaire (yeah, there is that) so there is a limitless variety of opportunity for the author to create the world she wants.  They are good. Oh, the odd one is a bit lacklustre but, yeah, the series definitely holds your interest.

A good writer makes you care about her characters and Ms Roberts definitely does that.  You want to know what is going to happen to them next!

secrets in death robb

And bonus, for me who loves them, I have saved some good quotes from them:

“You beat the hell out of me, you kicked me down. But I got back up, didn’t I? I got back up and I planted flowers. So bugger you.” – JD Robb, novelist

“Time doesn’t heal, whatever they say. It’s how we use the time that can heal.” Brotherhood in Death / JD Robb

“You can’t go back. Can’t fix what broke. But you can go forward. And every step matters. Every one makes a difference.” Witness in Death / JD Robb

“You haven’t seen a giant’s dance, or felt the power of the ancient stones. You haven’t run your hand over the Ogham carving in the trunk of a tree petrified by time or heard the sounds that whisper through the mist that coats sacred ground.” Ceremony in Death / JD Robb

Anyway, that’s a wee sample for you.





6 thoughts on “R is for J.D. Robb

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    1. yes. I use them on twitter and on blog posts. and FB as well. And one of my novels has a character reading through one of Debby Ford’s books which is a lot of fun to write about.


  1. It’s how we use the time that heals. Love that quote. I have read only one Norah Roberts book and didn’t want to read anymore, so I missed out on J D Robb. I shall have to put that right with a visit to the library.


    1. I’ll be curious to hear what you think. The books in the series get better as you go along and find out more and more about the various characters.


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