P is for Patricia Sands

I don’t remember how I connected with Patricia. Did I read her first book and then go looking for her? Who is this woman, I wondered, who writes so delightfully?

bridge club patricia sands

I soon discovered that not only does she write interesting stories about characters that sound like someone I might meet and whose company I would enjoy; not only has she won numerous awards,  but she has a series set in France. Okay, so I was hooked.


There are so many things I like about this woman.  She started writing “later in life”, her characters are not 20-year-olds who fall in love with a millionaire (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but, ya know…). She also loves photography and is very good at it. One of the bonuses of subscribing to her newsletter or following her on Facebook is the beautiful pictures she posts – many of them of France.

01.Antibes-300x191 food P sands
I confess I “stole” this from her website

Speaking of websites, go visit Patricia here and find out about her tour of France which you can go on – next year, this year’s is happening in a few weeks – and follow in the footsteps of her characters.

Patricia is a great supporter of Book Clubs. If yours is looking for something fresh and fun to read, Patricia will Skype in to visit with you.  She has a great enthusiasm for life, for France, for travelling, for delighting in others.  Introduce yourself to Patricia Sands. You’ll find her books, easily, on Amazon.  If anyone asks, tell them I sent you!


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