L is for L.T. Marshall

Note: I’m a great believer in doing things in a way that makes sense to me. I’ve blogged for many years. I post on my blog in the evening. Well, except for this month of April when the push has been on to get the post done and announce the link in various places each day.  We’re thirteen days in, and I’m going to start doing it my way.  So, this morning I posted an “L” and tonight, I’m back to our regular program and schedule!  Look for my posts in evenings of EST.


Today has been brought to you by the letter L and L stands for L.T. Marshall, a young author I recently discovered through Grace Bell

I’m not an overly curious person – except when it comes to words and books.  So when I realized Grace was an editor and saw that L.T. had just published a book that Grace had worked on – well, you know – I had to go check it out. So, off to Amazon I went to download a copy.


Once I started reading, I knew I wanted to include this author in April’s challenge.  So, I asked her to tell me a bit about herself and now, I like her even more:

“My name is Leanne Marshall, I am in my thirties and not only a writer but an artist and designer. I come from a very large family, with a back story that is far more entertaining than a story line in EastEnders. I have a million siblings and a lot of varied life experiences due to being a very impulsive sort of person who chose strange jobs and changed them often. I was a very unsettled sort of youngster with a thirst for fun.

I ended up in college at 21 and trained as a beautician, masseuse, makeup artist and relaxation therapist. I was self-employed doing beauty parties for a while. I also ran an exotic animal charity which had me doing public talks at a rescue centre, in a theme park among many crazy jobs. I finally settled down, 6 years ago, as a self-employed designer creating unicorn and rainbow inspired jewellery and keepsakes.

Leanne Marshall

I have been a writer since a very young age; in high school teachers picked up on my skills at creative writing and I was nominated to write for a local newspaper. I did a couple of articles and realized I much preferred fiction writing. I started writing and, by the age of 17, had several unpublished romance novels under my belt. I sent them away randomly and was immediately asked if I wanted to publish with 2 well known publishing houses. Because of my young age, they needed parental involvement and I just felt like I wanted to wait to do it alone… I was silly and young and I went off instead to pursue a singing career in a girl band.

I did not return to writing until early last year when the bug to just sit and rewrite one of my originals would not leave me. Since then I have been unstoppable. With a trilogy published and my original rewrites, as well as ideas for two more novels in the pipeline.

LT Marshall banner

I am a mum of two and live in central Scotland. I split my time between writing and creating quirky items for my online store under my original pen name of  Liana Marcel. I decided on using my real name when publishing books because I felt I wanted to be recognised for a skill that is foremost in my heart.

I feel like writing gives me so much, a chance to really be anyone and create any kind of world and character. I get so much from letting my imagination run wild and, when I am not writing, the urge to write hounds me.

I am a very happy and quirky sort of person, it sometimes shines through in my written work, I love to be random and fill life with surprises which, you guessed it, also shows in my written work.”

So what do you think?  Here are her links. Tell her I sent you!

Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/LTMarshallauthor

Amazon author page = https://www.facebook.com/LTMarshallauthor

Website = http://www.ltmarshall.co.uk






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