J is for Judith Baxter

One of the first things I checked on, when moving down to Ecuador, was the distance between Cuenca and Wellington. New Zealand, that is.  Those of you who know where this is going, can stop laughing. Right now!

My friend Judith lives there and, in my geographically challenged mind, I just knew that it would take much less time to get there than it would have from Toronto. Hmmmm.  My son still laughs when I mention this, but then, he travelled the whole coast of South America ten years, or so, ago.  I was thinking it might be, maybe a seven hour flight. Sort of like going from Toronto to London, England.  Not so. But seriously, who knew the distance was 6,915 miles!

cuenca to wellington


Some people arrive in your life with charm and wit, a keen mind and a fabulous sense of humour. And you fall in love with them.  Thus it has been with Judith.

Judith Baxter

When you see the title of her blog, you’ll understand why I was immediately attracted.  “I choose how I will spend the rest of my life” is a motto I espouse wholeheartedly.  Judith writes of memories of her childhood in war-torn England, of life as a young bride, of adjusting to the loss of her loves, of her travels – of life and the choices she has and continues to make. She also writes delightful short stories that many of us keep begging for more of. Do go visit here.

And here’s a bonus:  Judith, who is a prolific reader, began this year to post reviews on a new blog.  She’s introduced me to a couple of authors whose books I’ve enjoyed.  You may find the same will be true for you at Books And More Books.


(p.s. I happen to know that two of Judith’s favourite bloggers live in Cuenca! Might there be a visit in the future?)



23 thoughts on “J is for Judith Baxter

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  1. This Judith will check out your Judith Baxter. Sounds like a woman with personal strengths and a willingness to share.

    Through the Blogging Buddies I am also learning alot about Cuenca . Maybe a visit someday….
    –Judy Rinehimer

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    1. Just be warned, people who come visit Cuenca fall in love with this city! I know you will enjoy the other Judith’s writing in the meantime.


  2. Judith Baxter is my darling Sister all you say about her is so true She is also kind and generous and my best friend I love her dearly and love reading her blogs.

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  3. As one third of the Thursday skype world tour group I can only sing praises for my two cohorts, Judith and Joss, the two ‘Js’ in the group, each of whom I adore. Our discussions can be either world shaking, soul enriching or mind bending. Somehow even chatter most mundane becomes inspiration. We ROCK ladies!

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