H is for Beverley Hirst

One of the marvels of our time is, in my opinion, the world wide web.  Being of an imaginative nature, I picture it as the web of life. A place where we can find one another and where, my movement on the web, and yours, impacts life near and far.


One of the delights, on my web, is my friend Beverley. We connected in 2011 through WordPress.  Over the years, I have, not only grown to appreciate her writing, her insight and her book reviews, but we also have  become friends.  Friends who love each other and pray for each other and, even, send each other gifts from across the oceans.  This would never have happened in the days before the www, because, you know, we live 5,872 miles apart.

cuenca to yorkshire

I asked Beverley to share, with you, a bit about herself:

“My life’s journey has brought me to the grand age of 53, which is neither here or there. I am a mother of four grown-up children, three add-ons, or in-laws, and two granddaughters. I live by myself with George, the cat, in a place that cannot even call itself a village, in Yorkshire, England.

My love of the written word comes from my father.  When I was a child he would sit on the top of the stairs, and read bedtime stories to me and my siblings and when we ran out of written stories, my father would make them up as he went along.  It is a pity that while he was ‘making them up’ he did not take the time to write them down.

I began writing a blog about 10 years ago, first on Blogspot and now on WordPress.  My first blog was what I term a ‘God blog’ – I wrote about God and his word.  Over the years, I have written about health – mind and body, but recently I have returned to writing about God. I do my best writing unplanned and from the heart, or others would have me believe that is so, and who am I to argue with my reading public?

My present blog is called, “Letters to my Children”. I spent several weeks before I began writing: praying, and pondering what I should write and whilst asking God, I became aware that I should share his gospel with the world. For a while I believed I was writing ‘Letters to my Children’ to my own children, but since, I have come to understand that I am writing to God’s children or indeed, He is writing through me to his children.

I am also working on a book – a novel, which doesn’t have a name yet, but the main character is called Aria, who is on the eve of her 18th birthday or solar; meaning, one rotation of the sun. She is a young woman who needs to make an important choice, a choice that once made, she cannot change or can she? She must choose either to be Cherished- married or be a Warrior, and the village Council says she cannot have both, so like all of us, she must decide who to be.

I am also an avid reader of all things written. It is interesting to see how other people put words together; I have never been a poet, not even in school when I was expected to be able to write something that looked like poetry, it never happened. Yet, I love reading poetry and memorising it too. I also, read pre-published and self-published books for an honest review. Pre-published books are normally well edited and read well. However, this cannot always be said for those who self-publish. Some advice to those who intend to self-publish; get someone to edit it, read it out loud, get someone else to read it out loud to you, be open to constructive criticism and remember it takes years to write a ‘top best seller,’ keep writing and reading and editing and then editing some more. Most of my reviews can be found on Goodreads, which can be accessed via my blog page.”

Go visit Beverley’s blog, spend time getting to know her a bit. If you’re lucky, like with me, you’ll become friends.


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  1. comments may rock, but so do you, thank you for the post and for your love, friendship and prayers, they all arrive even across the miles and time and space.

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