G is for Grace Bell

Life, just like a good story has threads that, if you follow them, will lead you from one discovery to another. In 2011, I participated in WordPress’ Blog A Day challenge.  I connected with a woman who you will find out more about next week. Over the years, I not only grew to appreciate her writing, her insight and her book reviews, but we also became friends.  Friends who love each other and pray for each other and, even, send each other gifts from across the oceans.

So, what happened to that thread I mentioned?  Well, I’ve connected with one of her daughters this past year. Grace Bell.

Grace Bell

Grace is not only a charming human being but she writes! And she has a business that supports writers!  So one thing led to another which also led to this A to Z Challenge and me inviting Grace to be featured.  I asked her to tell me about herself:

“I’m 28. I live in the North East of England with my Hubby, our daughter, 4 cats and a rabbit! It’s a busy house but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’ve been married almost 5 years and our first date was Friday 13th


(This cat is not one that lives with Grace.  It is my daughter’s cat. Any mention of cats and the 13th, which is the date of my daughter’s birthday, requires a picture of a cat! Just sayin’). Now, back to Grace:

“The first thing people seem to notice about me is that I don’t have the same accent as others who live around here, due to growing up 100 odd miles south of where I live now. I used to think Yorkshire was ‘up  North’ until I lived here.

I write all sorts at the minute. Mostly, romance. Although I’m trying to broaden my horizons. I’m actually a free-lance editor of fiction, working with a novelist on her first trilogy. It was working with her that prompted me to believe I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I used to write poetry when I was younger. I even have a full book of them. But something happened when I was a late teenager and it stopped me from writing. I hated putting pen to paper for fear of the stress it might cause. Even now I find it very hard to write in first-person prose. However, I know, as soon as I break that barrier the words I write will be something magical. Recently, I’ve been exploring writing shorts, using a noun or a feeling to base a story around. Through the positive feedback from my shorts, I decided to push my boundaries and start work on my own novel! Which I’m very excited about!”

Grace has been posting some of her “shorts” on her blog – (this is one of the instances where we speak the same language, but the same word means different things – think “short stories”. Well, I knew that’s what you were thinking dear Reader.)

You can wander over to her blog by clicking here. Do leave a comment saying you came from here to there. We all like to follow threads!  See how easily writers can be distracted. Me, anyways.  Okay, back to Grace’s words:
“As a writer, I think we all dream that one day our work will be known to lots of people. I think that’s why I enjoy my editing work so much, because of the people who I work with. I see their dreams come true through their work. I love working behind the scenes, knowing how much love and dedication goes into each character. This was another reason for me, as to why I started writing again. There’s so much in my brain trying to find it’s way out. I want to see how far my imagination will go. And, even though I want other people to know my work, I also just want to write. Not just for others, but for myself too. Of course, my goal is to one day write a book that others will love. One of my biggest dreams is to do something I love, writing and editing, full-time, working around my family.”

Grace has a Facebook page featuring her editing business.  One woman to another, I am proud of her for stepping out and not only writing again, but starting up a business that allows her to move toward the fulfillment of her dreams.

Check out her editing business here and don’t hesitate to like her page or, even better, contact her for some editing help.



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  1. This is becoming so interesting. What fun and fabulous people you know. You know I read your blog posts and now rush to the site each day to see who’s next.


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