E is for Enchantment

chateau st jean
Chateau Saint Jean, France

Writing opens up a world of enchantment to us. If we’re lucky and find the right book, the right author, we are transported to a world of twists and turns and magic.  For the writer, it’s a bit like being on a circular stairway that leads us down and down, further into a world of beauty and, yes, enchantment.

chateau st jean escalier

It’s what keeps us writing, as authors.  It’s what keeps readers connected to us and our words.

I dreamed of this a few years ago:

“I dreamed I was walking down a road with trees on either side. You know, the kind of trees that reach across the road to one another and create a tree tunnel.  It was a lovely day and I was enjoying the beauty of it.

A young boy, maybe 11 or 12 came along, took my hand and said, “come with me”. He walked me farther and farther down the road. The road became narrower and the tree tunnel darker.  I started to get a bit nervous and asked him “where are you taking me?” “come on, there’s something you need to see”. 

After a while, the road ended at the opening to a stone passageway and we walked in together, still holding hands.  I could feel his excitement at what lay ahead of us.  Then the passageway opened into a huge cavern.  It was a gorgeous place built out of stone, with inlaid amethysts, rose quartz and gold.  There was a lovely light shining in from a crack in the wall, and I stood in awe.

In the centre of the cavern was a pool of deep emerald green water.  The young boy walked me to the edge of the pool and said “this pool is your voice.  When people read your words, they enter the water and feel its warmth and healing nature.  There are thousands who will enter this pool. You need to keep this image with you and remember.”

We writers need to remember the magical enchantment  of our words!


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