D is for D. B. McNicol

I met Donna through her blog.

author-Donna McNicoll

She was not someone whose blog I had followed for years, like my friend Judith who you’ll meet later this month.  Donna was a “random” find.  I was visiting Cuenca, Ecuador and looking around online, as I often do when seeking information.  I came across Donna’s blog .  Donna, at that time, was living here and writing about life’s adventures.  I posted some innocuous comment on one of her posts and mentioned that I was currently in her fair city.

Within a few hours, Donna responded to that comment with an invite for lunch.  How cool was that?  We met, we talked. And talked. And talked.  We talked about Ecuador, about ourselves and about Donna’s desire to create a writer’s support group in Cuenca.

city scape 001

What we didn’t talk about was that Donna, as D.B. McNicol, was a published author.

Romance -Humor - Mystery

Imagine how charmed I was to discover that Donna was more interested in getting to know me, in sharing her own story with me than she was in telling me about her success as an author.  That’s just the kind of gal she is.

A year later, the support group was, and continues to be,  a big success! While I had moved down here, Donna moved back to the U.S., so, ships passing in the night?  We connected and remain friends to this day.

You can find Donna’s information, samples and links for her books here  on her website as well as follow her blog there. Donna is participating in the A to Z challenge with a topic of “Oh, the places we will go.” I’m sorry, did I forget to mention the thousands of miles she has put on her motorcycle, or her RV, or via cruise ships?

11 thoughts on “D is for D. B. McNicol

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  1. I love how a coincidence like this can bring so much into our life. How wonderful that your author’s support group became established and continues to thrive. Writers helping writers is the best way to go! Thanks for this introduction to Donna’s writing too!

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    1. The writing community, here in Cuenca, is vibrant and mixed and hugely supportive. I am enjoying being around so many writers. My whole life here pretty much is connected to writers.


  2. Now I’m laughing, Joss. Speaking of coincidences! When I visited Donna’s website, I saw that she has contributed to Toby Neal’s Kindle World … as have I. We’ve undoubtedly communicated in conversation threads with that group. Small world … as we know! 🙂

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