B is for Scarlett Braden



If you’ve wandered my blog, and checked out the “Books” page, you’ll have noted Scarlett’s name on the cover of Friends in Foreign Places.


That book, right there, is a huge accomplishment and will give you some idea of Scarlett’s heart. Ecuador was hit by an earthquake that caused a lot of destruction on the coast, in April of last year. It didn’t take long for Scarlett to mobilise the writing community here in Ecuador, and abroad, to raise funds for rebuilding.  She’s just that kind of person who looks for ways to help, to assist those in need, and will roll up her sleeves and get the job done.


But that’s not why she is “B”.  Scarlett is also an accomplished author.  Here, in her own words:  “I retired to Ecuador and discovered not only could I write, but I love writing. Within a year I published three novels in a suspense series and currently, I’m working on a crime series and a fantasy series as well as participating in an Anthology entitled 7 Degrees of Wisdom. Now I know who owns all the voices in my head.”

Having had a peek at the beginning of the new fantasy series, I’m excited for it to get out into your hands later this year. Here’s a tease:

Add subheading(1)

Not only that,  I’m the one putting together the anthology Scarlett mentions and I assure you, her non-fiction skills are top notch. She is, indeed, a multi-talented person and writer!

book cover seven degrees

That book, too, will be released later this year.  Now that I’ve whetted your appetite, head on over to Amazon and check out Scarlett’s suspense series. It’s not every day you can read a novel set in Ecuador!


Harvesting Hummingbird

13 thoughts on “B is for Scarlett Braden

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  1. Oh, tears….Joss thank you, even if I do have to redo the makeup now. I love you and all YOU do! Proud and honored to call you friend.

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  2. I second everything you said, Joss. Scarlett is an energetic and creative powerhouse with a heart as big as South America. Her stories are riveting and fun. I want everyone to buy her books.

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  3. Her book supporting the earthquake rebuilding efforts is close to my heart. I was at home in Puerto Lopez, Manabi province the night of the earthquake. Living through the earthquake and it´s aftermath was an unforgettable experience. The coastal towns affected are now hoping for tourists to return to the pre-earthquake numbers.

    Thanks for this post! I will check out her books.

    Emily | My Life In Ecuador

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