A is for Paul Anlee

I’m imagining myself at a Writer’s Conference, somewhere in the future:  “Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure and honour to introduce to you the inimitable Paul Anlee.”  It is my pleasure and honour, today, to kick off the A to Z Challenge with this author.

Paul Anlee

I had already pre-odered his upcoming new release The Reality Thief (you can, too, righ here ) and then had the privilege of reading the opening chapters.  I was hooked from the prologue in.  I am a very minimal sci-fi fan but, I gotta tell you, Paul’s writing is exquisite and the story fascinates.

Here, in his own words:

I write science fiction, but I don’t like a lot of the modern stuff: military, post-apocalyptic, zombies. The science is either silly or it doesn’t play a central role in the story. When done right, I think sci-fi is the best genre for challenging what you think you know about the universe and your place in it; helping others to examine their assumptions in a rigorous way is the reason I write. 

As a scientist/storyteller, I try not to use “magical” explanations as the basis for any of my settings, conflicts, or resolutions. Western civilization seems to have given up on understanding the complex technology and society we have  constructed; I think our current yearning for magical fixes and authoritative leaders, that comes from feeling lost in complexity, is dangerous to the planet. I think long and hard about a plausible scientific rationale for everything important that happens in my stories. If I can’t see some way that something could have a natural explanation, I won’t use it. 
That’s quite a challenge in the Deplosion series as I cover a wide range of ideas: a universe evolving naturally from virtual particles; a generated field that changes the natural laws of physics; a way to grow a supercomputer in your head; a combination of artificial intelligence and downloading of a human mind; instantaneous travel throughout the universe; virtual worlds; buildings you grow; genetic engineering for living on different planets; etc. For each of these, I can conceive of a scientific route that justifies the different technologies in question. Add in political intrigue, religion, philosophy, and human passion and you have the kind of story I enjoy reading. That’s what I  write. “
Pre-order you copy today, folks. You’ll find it on Amazon!
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Friends also participating in the challenge include:
Donna McNicoll:  http://dbmcnicol.com/

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  1. I never read Ski-fi in fact, I’ve never read even one book but this post has intrigued me and tomorrow I’ll take myself off to the library to see if his books are there. Thanks for introducing us to Paul.

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  2. Thank you all for the lovely compliments. I’m thrilled to help kick off Joss’ A-Z challenge. For anyone who has read the post and the comments to this point, I’ll be giving away some free review copies of The Reality Thief through Bookfunnel at: http://dl.bookfunnel.com/d8kgke6ce3. Go and download your free copy now (and please post an honest review to Amazon and/or Goodreads).

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