Wow! Writers!

Writing begets writing so why not join the #atozchallenge says I?

Beginning April 1st, for 26 days throughout the month, I will be featuring a current writer on right here.

Are you a writer? Does your first or last name begin with a letter of the alphabet?

To qualify for a spot, you need to have published at least one book in the past twelve months OR have been posting your own writing, on your own blog for at least one year.

Email me your info, including links to your website, blog and/or author pages. Tell me about your writing, yourself, your anticipated new releases. You can attach a photo or book cover even!

I can’t promise you’ll be featured because, ya know, there may be five of you with a first or last name that begins with “D” or “Q”!

Follow along! You never know whose writing you’ll fall in love with.

For those who don’t make it on the list for the April challenge, every week afterwards, on Wednesdays, till I run out of names, I’ll feature a writer!

Be the early bird! Email me!



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