Ancient Ways

We have carried the pain of generations
in our bones throughout our life
the very blood, the most minuscule of particles
that makes us this particular woman,
remembers all who went before us

Too often we have pretended to be fine
to please those around us
to allow this world to think that
everything is okay
and that silent hearts allow
for more than superficiality

Too long we have submerged our knowing
our wisdom, our unity with the depth
of life that moves on this planet
between the realms, behind the thin, thin veil
No longer. Now the pain, the sorrow is being felt

Through generations we have become strong
and as the pain rises, this time, we are able
to weep, to moan our relief
Letting go, no longer carrying that which
we were taught to ignore

Feeling it all, this pain, this hunger that
has followed us and now will not be shaken off
A hunger for more, for love to reign, for the depth
and power that is ours to rise and be known

We allow it to surface, we encourage it to be known
and to be heard, not only deep within our soul
but out there, in our world
We reach out to hold one another’s hand.

We give birth
to an ancient way
of life.

Joss Burnel / She Who Walks in Beauty


6 thoughts on “Ancient Ways

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  1. I think generations of broken women have brought me to this point in my life, which, although is craving to be fixed, to find peace and completeness, is still broken. Yet, we are beginning, to understand this need to be whole, complete and how without each other that will never happen. I listen to my 4 year old, granddaughter, Amelia, who is so so complete in who she is that she wants to share it with everyone. It is a new generation and the scriptures says there will be 4 generations of brokenness, before they will be a healing, which will also take 4 generations to bring about,

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