The Wise Woman in Me

(this was a prompt from one of the wise women in my Writer’s Circle)


The wise woman in me
often wishes I would
pay more attention
to her.
She speaks to me
in words at times
but more often
in feelings – in
powerful intuitions
about what is
going on in my world
in my present

The swaying energy,
like leaves
vibrating in the wind,
something is not
quite right here.

She nudges me
to speak up
when someone’s
will is pushing
me aside.
When another
moves into
the space between
me and a love,
she lights up
that red light within
to warn me
this is not a friend,
pay attention.

She is a grandmother
who does not
insist I walk
the path she knows
but longs for me
to lean
on her knowing
as I find my own way.

The wise woman
in me is a
Gypsy who dresses
in exuberant
colours and textures.
Her hips sway as             she saunters
down the street
greeting everyone
with a smile.

She wraps her arms
around me
and holds me,
just holds me as
she pours her love
into my aching heart.
Be still
know that all is well.

She dispenses her
wisdom over
coffee in the early
morning quiet.
With a shared glass
of wine in a
busy city space and sometimes in
a crowd of people,
creates a bubble
containing me and one
other soul who has
found me

She knows me in
ways I do not
yet even sense.
She has gifts
for me and
allows me to choose
when I will
unwrap them.

Her apparitions
are manifold and  she speaks to me
in the flow of
the river,
the call of the crow,
the soft purr
of a neighbour’s cat.

The wise woman
in me is ever
present and she
trusts me to discover
her and learn
her ways.

~Joss Burnel / She Who Walks in Beauty

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